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Straits of Hunger (飢餓海峡 Kiga kaikyō)

Straits of Hunger (飢餓海峡 Kiga kaikyō)

a honorable wota’s bathroom

a honorable wota’s bathroom


1: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:40:26 ID:???
和津後皿 鴨座ランドって何?
What the hell is “Watsugozara Kamoza Land”?

2: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:43:28 ID:???
Don’t you know that?

3: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:45:48 ID:???
What a peasant you are who have never been to Kamoza Land!

11: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)17:50:24 ID:???
To enjoy whole day at Kamoza Land and then get relaxed in Watsugozara Spa is a popular vacation plan.

28: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)18:05:36 ID:???
Where is Watsugozara? Is it in around Saitama prefecture?

29: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)18:06:19 ID:???
No. It’s in Gunma prefecture.

31: 名無しさん 2014/04/21(月)18:09:16 ID:???
GUNMA!? Why is that wonderful amusement park located in such a dangerous region?

(These funny wotas are making fun of how Sayashi’s line in Password is 0 “what goes around comes around” can sound just like a name of a likely amusement park Kamoza Land in a rural hot spring resort Watsugozara somewhere in Japan.)


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Ayumin x Riho

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Seven Social Sins:

1. politics without principles

2. wealth without work

3. pleasure without conscience

4. knowledge without character

5. commerce without morality

6. science without humanity

7. worship without sacrifice

— Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - Wikiquote


"I lie down to sleep, and dream. I can see Chinese texts, multitudinous, weird, mysterious, fleeting by me, all in one direction; ideographs white and dark, upon signboards, upon paper screens, upon backs of sandalled men. They seem to live, these ideographs, with conscious life; they are moving their parts, moving with a movement as of insects, monstrously, like phasmidae.”

Lafcadio Hearn, Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan