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Shimizu Saki: Risako is really sexy and has the strongest voice among us. That makes me wonder if she was really the youngest member sometimes. Although she’s 3 years younger than me, she’s so sensible to take care of me asking if I was OK by emails. She’s really a sweet girl. Thank you for supporting me always. Kumai-chan can make us get relaxed on stages like this. I’ve been glad to see her going straight forward in her own way these days. And I wish she’d stay just the way she is even she gets older. I’d always talk to Miya over our business and private lives. She kindly told me to let her know at once if I had concerns and not to take them only on my hands. We’d cry together often when we had talks, and I could be glad to see Miya shedding tears which she’d rarely show to us. I love her pureness. She usually behaves confident on stages like “follow me!”, and I admire her for being that cool. I wish I could be like Miya someday. Maa is really a mother for Berryz, always taking care of us affectionately. I think she’s more dependable than I. I don’t know how to say, she’s been supporting me behind the scenes and her hug can make me feel relieved the most. Chinami never shows her agony to us, even though she must have had more concerns than anyone else in fact. She always cheer us up at dressing rooms. Even when I’m down, Chinami’s smiles can lift me up. So I want her not to lose that smile. Momoko, do I have to mention her? I could never imagine what she would be like today. Yet we’re the same age and we can trust each other. We usually don’t need to talk over things so much, since we understand each other very well. So we can agree with the other’s opinion very easily. Every time she concur with me on something, I know she knew it. She cares of other members so well to be able to distribute them appropriate opportunities to speak in MC. That can be unreasonable demand sometimes though. I’d really appreciate the members and all the fans for having followed this undependable captain saying no complaints for long time. I’m sure you’ve made what I’m and what Berryz Kobo is today. And this is not the end of the road, we’re still on the way to develop. I’m looking forward to your ongoing support for Berryz Kobo.

Berryz工房 : 【ライブレポート】<ひな祭りフェスティバル 2013>でBerryz工房は10年目に突入。パシフィコ横浜に響く「Berryz最高!」 / BARKSニュース

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